Automation to "Change Cell Value" to embed a formula into the cell

Trying to set an automation to "Change Cell Value"

2 columns involved: "BARCODE" and "PACKAGE UID/LOT #"

If "PACKAGE UID/LOT #" is not blank, then I don't want to override the data in the cell, however, in the absence of data in that cell ("PACKAGE UID/LOT #" is blank), then duplicate the data from "BARCODE" into "PACKAGE UID/LOT #"

I programed it to enter the formula =BARCODE@row into the blank cell, but when it populates, it adds an apostrophe to the beginning of the text so that the formula can't function once inside the cell. See how it comes up as text rather than use the formula?

Any other ideas on how I can get the cell contents to equal the BARCODE contents if the PACKAGE UID/LOT # is blank, but not if it already has pre-existing cell contents?

Thanks a ton as always!


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