Contact Selection Drop Down

DanR ✭✭✭✭

Hello. We have an employee who changed his email due to a status change. His original email used his common name of "Tony." His new email used his formal name of "Anthony." It's been a while since we made the change in Smartsheet, but we either deleted or just changed his profile to reflect the email/name change. So his current profile reads "Anthony" and we have no one in our list of company users as "Tony." BUT, when someone wants to assign a task to him, they type "Tony" into the contact cell of the smartsheet and the former name/email selection becomes available, and they choose it, because we all know him by "Tony." And then he doesn't get the emails because that old address associated with "Tony" no longer exists. How can we delete the "Tony" option from the drop down? Let me be clear: this column does not have a typed-in list of contact options because it would be constantly changing as employees come and go. We do not have Data Uploader or any other paid enhancements to Smartsheet.


  • Denny Lawrence

    I believe the only way is to go to the Smartsheet and manually change all of the previous "Tony" entries and change them to Anthony. However, without some sort of control with the dropdown list (i.e.: only allowing a selection from the drop-down list instead of typed-in text names), you may not be able to get away from this problem.