Populate contact cell with multiple email addresses for alerts?


I have investigated a few possibilities for this without success.

Basically, I have a sheet of facilities with facility info. One of the items is what market that facility is in. So, If I want an alert to go to the entire market, I need to collect the email addresses for each facility that is in the market, then my workflow alert goes to the contacts in that cell. I have tried join(collect( with delimiters "," and ";" with and without a space before and/or after. I have tried collect(index(match/has. I can get the contact cell to populate all of the emails correctly, but smartsheet does not recognize them as multiple contact entries in the cell. I have checked the box to allow multiple contacts per cell. I was able to uncheck that box, then check it again, which will show each as a contact, but as soon as I save the sheet, they revert back to just a text string.

My issue is that , while I could make a manual sheet for each of the dozens of markets with prefilled contact emails, the markets are changing by up to 10 facilities a week, so I need this list to index match or collect.

Thanks in advance.


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