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Resource management seem half executed


I have 80 staff that I am looking to track. The current resource system seems very disjointed and not really useful. As an example I can't share a resource view, If I want to see what a person is assigned too I only get the sheet they appear in. All of my resource assignment is in the same sheet tracking each project so this does not really help me balance my team. Are there enhancements coming to this in the near future? If not we are going to switch to another platform.


  • Gwyneth C
    Gwyneth C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Bill,

    From your question, it sounds as if you have explored Smartsheet's resource views some, so apologies if this is information that you've already reviewed and your post is in response to that.

    If you are using a Team plan or higher, it IS possible to see how a resource is allocated across multiple projects. For more information about doing that, please see the "Cross-Project Resource View" section of the Viewing Resources article.

    Again, not sure if you already know about exporting a resource view, but one way to share a resource view is to export it to an Excel file—there are two ways to do this (the steps are covered in the Viewing Resources article).

    I don't have a timeline for when we'll have updates for resource management features, but I do know that our development team always welcomes Enhancement Requests. You can use the Submit Product Enhancement Requests link here in community to sent the team a direct request.   

    Thanks for you post.


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