How can I link two sheets together?



I am a communications and brand manager, and I have two sheets that I will be working from primarily. One is a Request Form, the other is a Master Calendar. These need to be different because the Master Calendar includes things such as company events to which I need to send a photographer for internal communications, and the Request form is for deadline-oriented tasks such as an appeals letter that the development department wants my marketing department to create. I want the request report to populate to the Annual Calendar.

I reviewed the video online, and it seems as though I can do this by creating a report, which I have done:

But the report is not allowing me to "link from cells in other sheet." What am I doing wrong? Am I doing this backwards? Do I need to create a report on the Annual Calendar as well?


  • If you're creating reports, you can add multiple sheets to that report, I would recommend that the columns in those sheets be similar in nature and that you're pulling the same columns.

    I would create a new report and call it the Master Calendar. When you first click into that new report, it'll ask you what sheet(s) you want to pull from. And then you pick what columns you want to bring in, and then choose any filtering you want to do. If you want to do a group, you can also do that.

    I would also double-click on the Column with "Primary" as the title and change it to something that's descriptive. Note: This is really the only column name you can change in a report.

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