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Convert Report Filter to Sheet Summary Formula


I have a number of reports with sophisticated filters that use an important master sheet as the source. I'd like to have the ability to create a formula from a report that I can paste into the master sheet's Sheet Summary section in a COUNTIF or SUMIF format. This function could be in the File menu under Save Filter As... and then select a SUMIF/SUMIFS or COUNTIF/COUNTIFS selection. Copy the resulting formula to the clipboard that I can paste into a sheet summary field in the source file for the report. You might have to limit this function to reports that use only one sheet as their source.

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  • Mike M Consulting

    Agreed. I would be nice if one could easily capture the underlying formulas from the report filters. I often have difficulty reconciling the # of items on a report with complex filters and the formula needed for my metric sheet to display the # from the report. (double/tripple work!)