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Smartsheet ENGAGE Follow-up

Aaron Manley
Aaron Manley Overachievers

I've talked with a few different folks at ENGAGE this year but I wanted to share this idea in the community to see if we can get some more visibility and see if this is of interest to those that are attending ENGAGE each year.

If you've been here before, you know that among the Keynote announcements, breakout sessions, and all the individual booths you can go to and talk with Smartsheet employees there is a ton of information you'll leave with.

My thought is that Smartsheet should email blast all the attendees after ENGAGE with a short summary of all the highlights, talking points, and booths/breakouts you attended to prepare the attendees to have those important follow up conversations with their peers and upper management upon their return to work. This doesn't have to be a ton of information, but something to get the attendees started on a download/debrief with their companies on what they learned and the value that ENGAGE brought them.

This seems like an easy deliverable on Smartsheet's part (kind of like meeting minutes from ENGAGE) and it not only saves the attendee a few hours on setting up some information to share with their company, but also provides a ton of benefit and value to Smartsheet as it will help encourage good communication for those attendees to come again the next year with potentially more advocates.

Anyway, thought I'd share this thought and see if others in the community think this would be beneficial to them. If so, let's overcommunicate this so that maybe next year we are all set up for success.🎉🤩

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