Need to format part of a text string as a %

Ok, friends, here is what I have today...

This part is working fine... creating my 'concatenate' cell.

This is working fine, too... calculating my percentage...

HERE is where I'm stuck... I have a JOIN / SUBSTITUTE function to bring them together, but...

The 35% in the 'Calculation' column is coming out as "0.35135." What I want is "35%"

Any ideas?



  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R. Employee

    If you format the column using the percentage icon, what does that do to your decimal? If the percentage formatting for the column doesn't work, you may have to leave it as it currently is with the calculation. This would be because you're using both a division operator (/) and a decimal point in the same cell. Generally the % only works when there is a single value in the column. But we can try the percentage format and see what this does for you.

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  • Actually, I figured it out. See below.

    The "%" column is a true calculation.

    In the "Round" column, I converted it to a value, rounded it and multiplied by 100.

    Now it's not a fraction anymore. It's a whole number. "35%" (or 0.35) is now just 35.

    Then I added the % symbol, which makes it look like "35%" in a text string.

    It's not an actual number, but whenever I update the true data columns, this text string will update accordingly.