Formula issus while automation


Hi All,

I am currently having an issue for one o my workflow, I will try to describe briefly:

I have a ticket system that we use for one customer. Whenever a ticket is completed in the "Open ticket sheet" by our Team, the line is moved to an "archive sheet" thanks to an automation.

In the open ticket sheet, I have this formula:

I use then this value month/year to create my reports and dashboard.

But in my archive sheet, it looks like this formula is acting randomly after the automation:

I am sure it is not my users who are changing value as the column is locked in both sheets.

I didn't want to make the formula in the archive sheet because then when I am looking my dashboard it's not up to date, I always need to open the archive sheet to refresh the dashboard with proper datas.

Could someone help me with this issue or propose me another formula which could work ?

thanks a lot,


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