IF formula for multiple dropdown values?

Newer user, I'm having trouble finding how to properly format...

One column, [RGU Sold], contains a variety of sale, no sale, and customer interaction options. I would like to create a conditional formula that groups those responses to yield "sale", "no sale", "following up", or remain blank if there is no value.

Multiple values can be selected, so if A, B, C, D are all products sold, if the column contains ANY of those responses, it should yield "sale". E, F, G, are all loss of sale options, so if the column contains ANY of those, it should yield "no sale". H, I, J are all follow up options, but can be overwritten by a sale or no sale response.

Really unsure how to stack the IF, OR, CONTAINS, functions to write this -my attempts have all resulted in #UNPAREABLE.. any help appreciated!


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