How can we automate a quarterly email with Smartsheet content in the body?

We have a Smartsheet with some content that I would like to format in an email in such a way that recipients are able to act upon information without needing to look at the Smartsheet.

We have a list of Key Users in a column who I would like to send an email each quarter. If possible, I would like to include the name of the Training Course with its corresponding Google Drive link from the Comments column. In Google Sheets/App Script, I am able to use some HTML to format a table with information like this, but I don't believe Smartsheet automation can handle this (but correct me if I'm wrong!).

One caveat is that instead of Christine getting 10+ emails, I was hoping to send only one per user with all of their Training Courses and Google Drive links included. Is there logic with which I can accomplish this or should I do something more general like make a "ghost row" that I hide where I include all Key Users and base the email recipients off of that?


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    Hi @JeffA

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    You could use the Placeholder feature combined with a Workflow with a recurring Alert.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Hi @Andrée Starå,

    In general, yes, I believe the Placeholder capability would work, however I think I need help with some of the syntax. For instance, would using {{Key User Assigned}} not trigger multiple emails to Christine as she has many entries in that column? Is there any way to limit the quantity to just one email?