Best way to use one of Smartsheet template set (pre-built)

I'm new to using template set in Smartsheet. I want to use a set of template set from the Smartsheet solutions. what's the best way to start using it without having all the text as example? I want to keep the functions and links between the different sheets but I don't want to see the text and contacts. The instructions just say to move the whole template set from the sheets to a workspace but no instruction of how to get rid of the text without deleting the formulas, links and formatting.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MXS

    Can you identify which template you're using?

    For most of them, you can simply delete the rows with the content. You'll want to ensure you don't delete any rows that are meant to be kept in (for example, a row with column names repeated for a formula), but the template guide in the Solution Center should identify what those details are.

    The formulas should be either set as a Column Formula (meaning you can delete rows and they will stay in the column) or populated down the column in a way that will allow them to auto-fill.

    If you can clarify which specific template you're using I'd be happy to help further.