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Dashboard - dropdowns to hide data


tldr: something where I can hide or display data in a dashboard without just putting in a link to the data.

I am creating a dashboard that is very data heavy - think lots of charts, graphs, reports, calendars. I have a draft where instead of showing the reports/calendars I'm adding a link to them instead but what I really would like is to see if there was someway to have dropdowns where you can choose to see the data or keep it hidden. In the attached I took a screenshot of the EAP dashboard and pointed to the carrot and a second screenshot from a Word template where you can expand or collapse headers as examples of what I'm potentially looking for.

What I am envisioning is that you could have a widget within a widget where widget 1 is the main item with your data. Widget 2 then pulls in widget 1 and widget 2 is what you use to hide or display the data from the carrot (in the pic). Just a thought from someone who knows nothing about how to build these!

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