Complex Parent/ Child Relationship for Client Tracking

Hi there,

We have a large Excel spreadsheet in which we use to track our sales pipeline with many thousands of customers. There are many columns representing information for the different parents/ children.

The data can be considered in three parent/ child views:

Parent Company

'> Brand



You can imagine that the Parent Company revenue is a roll-up of the Brand & Department revenue.

In Excel, we have these represented in unique columns and then pivot the data as required (rough example of column set-up below):

Question: In Smartsheet, should I be nesting each parent/ child using the indent function OR is that going to cause me problems when I try to roll-up data in future reports/ dashboards (rough example of indent set-up below):

I have gone through all the Smartsheet templates for customer tracking/ sales pipelines etc. but they don't ever seem to use their own hierarchy function.

Thanks in advance!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    You should probably do it in SmartSheet the way you were doing it in Excel. With columns for Department and Contact Name. It's do-able with parent/child rows but when calling upon that data from other sheets it will make the formula you need to write much more complex and time-consuming.