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Auto assign tasks based on role


In my project template we just put a role name in the "assign" column. Then once we start an actual project I'd like to assign people based on their role. Is there a way to designate that all rows assigned as "Designer 1" should now be "Jane Doe" without having to do this manually?

Also is there a way to assign people without having an email address? Currently we just use the "assign" column for reference but those individuals aren't actually in the project at all. So I don't want to assign by email address and have them get notifications when they don't actually work in the project.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @tess.taylor

    You can do this in Smartsheet by using the Find and Replace function, to replace your text with an email address (associated with a Contact).

    For example, I can replace all values that say "Designer 1" with my email:

    When I click Replace All it will update the whole column for any cell with that exact text:

    See: Find and Replace Values Within a Sheet

    Although this uses an email address, the contacts associated in that column won't receive any emails or notifications unless you have specifically set up a workflow to notify the contacts for that column. You don't have to even invite them to the sheet.

    You could also simply use a Dropdown column (not a Contact column) and Replace the text value with another Text value of that person's name, once they've been decided as the Designer.



  • BStump
    BStump ✭✭✭

    I want to assign a role and have that map to a person. The only way so far I can conceive of is to have a master summary sheet with Role, Name, Email, Responsibility, and in a sheet have a role dropdown, and a Contact List filled out by formula (if that works). Then in Automations, I can test for the Role or assign by the contact list.

    The reason I need this is we would hate to manually edit all automations if a person leaves, goes on vacation, or changes role.