A cross sheet link on a project plan is displaying week old information.

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A cell on a project plan links to the project's summary sheet which links to a portfolio summary sheet. However, in a report pulling information from the Portfolio summary it is showing week old data. Back tracing the links shows the correct path and info. We have been experiencing this across a variety of projects over the last few week.

We have deleted the links, saved the sheets and added them back in which has resolved it in some cases. Anyone else had experience with this?


  • Melitta
    Melitta ✭✭✭✭✭

    Smartsheet has responded: "Upon checking here on our end, I found that we've received multiple reports from users getting the same issue and this is currently being investigated by our Engineering Team. I have submitted your case as part of the documentation of the said issue."

    So, we are still having cross sheet links displaying data that has already been overwritten.  

    They have offered this as a workaround:

    As an alternative resolution for the mean time, you can try to do the following: 

    • Delete the cell linking > cell link once again 
    • Reduce complexity of the Target and Source Sheet by:  
    • Remove unneeded columns 
    • Remove unneeded rows or move/archive row to another sheet \
    • If you are using Control Center:  
    • Archive completed project rows 
    • Run “Update Reporting” to attempt to manually refresh suspected broken links