Trigger workflow based on time of day a request is received


Hello Community! I have a question I wanted to bring to the table...

I've been working on some processes and workflows for triaging work on my team. Requests come in through an intake form and we have automations to assign to specific resources based on the type of project/request that it is.

Now, we are trying to make Smartsheet assign the same type of project/request to different people based on the time of the day that the request (form submission) is received. For example: if request is received between 12:00 AM EST and 12:00 PM EST assign to Robert / if received between 12:01 PM EST and 11:59 PM EST assign to Carol.

Have you ever tried implementing something like this? I know there's not a straight forward functionality to set up this but maybe someone has a workaround?

Thank you!


  • Christian G.
    Christian G. ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 11/07/22

    I would extract the hour from the "created date" column with : =iferror(value(left(right([created date]@row,8),2)),value(left(right([created date]@row,7),1)))

    Then you can run an ourly "assign automation" that will look at the hour extracted from the formula as a condition to assigne the right person. You can apply that to minutes also with this formula

    =value(left(right([created date]@row,5),2))

  • SofiRuiz
    SofiRuiz Overachievers

    Wow that is GENIUS! Thank you! But can you think of a way to indicate if it is PM or AM? So far I am getting 9 even if it is AM as if it is PM...

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