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Creating groups in group management is how we are managing access permissions to work apps. We have a couple of people who help maintain the workapps so that we maintain coverage when staff are not available (on leave, in meetings, etc). We need the ability to edit other users groups in group management. Is this possible? Thinking it would be similar to sheets and report permissions where you can add someone as an Admin to your groups so they can add/delete users but maybe not delete the group.

Is this possible?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Marlei

    Only group owners or system administrators can delete users from a group. (Group admins will not be able to remove users from groups they don’t own.)

    Are those backup people users that you can set as system admins? Here's more information: Admin Center: Manage and use Smartsheet contact groups



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  • Teresa B

    We also need to have the ability for more than one person to be the owner of a group, for reasons stated above. We have groups created to limit permissions that are updated daily, through out the day as needed. If someone is out, or busy, the participants in our study have to wait until the owner is available. We work around by creating duplicate groups, with each person owning their own group, but then the duplicate groups need added to every dynamic view and dashboard (we are talking dozens here). This is becoming a large task.

  • Frank Falco
    Frank Falco ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    We also need more than one person to have group management changes.

    Anyone with Group Management privileges should be able to change a group.

    Perhaps the group creator may have the right to make the group only editable by them or choose who can.

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