Indexing Entries from a form generated worksheet


Good Afternoon Smartsheet Pros,

I have created a form that allows the filer to input new hire information for up to 10 new employees in a batch (The need for multiple entry options on the same form was a requirement from the "Powers that be")

I created helper spreadsheets indexing entries using the formula

=IFERROR(INDEX({New Hire Form Range 1}, 0 + $[Entry Number]@row, 18 + [Employee Last Name]$1), "")

These support sheets are setup as pictured

Automation is then used to add these rows to a master employee speadsheet when rows are added or changed. (Though I haven't got this automation working yet)

The primary issue I'm facing is that I have to define the range that these helper sheets draw data from and when a new form entry is populated into the sheet, it is being excluded from the range that these helper sheets have defined. Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to ensure new form data is populating in these helper sheets?

Thanks in advance!

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