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Action - Add comment

Add new action "Add comment". This action can be used in automation workflows to add comments. It should be triggered on specific row in the sheet and in the comment it will be possible to use the references to specific column names {{Column-name}}.

Super handy will be, if you can also generate references like @{{Sales-person}} and so on.

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  • bsikes
    bsikes ✭✭✭

    This feature would be really useful in sheets with multiple workflows that act upon a row. If each workflow was able to use an "Add comment" action, it could essentially create a log of workflow actions that triggered on each row. Depending on the process, this could make tracking complicated setups/trigger much easier for the end user.

  • tfriss
    tfriss ✭✭

    I would love to have a field called 'Status Update' and every time someone enters and update it logs it as a comment. This way we can view historical status updates in the comments.