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Multiple workflows - Timing and sequence issues


I want to take multiple actions when status of a task goes to Complete. (Eg, the user changes the STATUS cell to "Complete" via a drop down. The following should all happen automatically via the workflows:

  1. Capture the status date into the "Status Date" column
  2. Lock the row from further updates
  3. Copy the row to another sheet (eg capture all tasks that go to complete status into another sheet)

I created 2 separate workflows to do these actions, and they appear to be working. #2&3 are combined into one workflow, and #1 is by itself. #1 is by itself because that function (capture date) does NOT allow other logic in the same workflow. The workflows both seem to function, except that the Status Date is not in the copied row. It appears that the workflow to lock and copy the row executes BEFORE the capture the status date; the new copied row does NOT have the status date in it. A contributing factor is that there is significant time delay between the trigger (set status to Complete) and the execution of the workflows - about a full minute of delay before the updates are visible in the main sheet.

This seems to be a "bug" in the workflow processing.

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