Project tasks with start date *AND time*

How can I have a Project with start date *AND time* for tasks?

eg I want to create training events through the course of a day and show them on an Hour level Gantt chart and Daily calendar view. Eg Training 1 start 12/12 0800 to end 0930 and Training 2 start 12/12 1300 to end 1515. These examples are format mm/dd hhmm but whatever format is fine.

I've tried to do this but it hasn't been obvious to at least me and a colleague 🤔

The Start column used in a project is Column Type Date/Time but I can't work out how to be able to expose and enter the Time part!

I read some 2 year old discussions that led me to believe this wasn't possible though it may have been in future plans so I sure hope I learn it can be done now!


  • BullandKhmer
    BullandKhmer ✭✭✭✭✭

    OK, so first thing is that an hour level gantt isnt a thing. So you can forget that. There also is no time column, only date.

    You could have start date and start time columns with the date column being date format of course and the start time being text where you just enter a time in 24 hours clock format. 00:00.

    I think if you then concreate this into the primary column i.e. = time@row +"-"+ Task@row then this should order up correctly in a calendar just based on alphabetical order... not sure, give it a try.