Any ideas best way of doing this?

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Hi all.

New people joining our team will need to be good at creating a 3/5-minutes script. As an example, Lauren who is in charge of the creation of the first demo, she will need to complete several checkpoints along the way, so let's say she will need to complete 10 steps. These 10 steps do not need to be incremental, we just want to make sure she follows each one of them.

The idea that was explained to me is to create a template that contains 10 steps that need to go to an 'x number of people' and somehow populate all the right people's tasks. We want to create this one structure and smartsheet behind the scene replicates it and pushes it out to each person. By doing this we won't need to create an entire project plan that has all 10 steps, but smartsheet does this for us.

I was wondering if you have any recommendations on how to achieve this please.

Thank you very much.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @TAW

    It sounds like you're wanting a reference sheet that contains all the tasks / task groupings that you can easily copy over to other sheets.

    If you set up this reference sheet with hierarchies (Parent level rows with indented Child rows beneath them), you can then simply Copy over the Parent row into the sheet you'd like and it will carry the Child tasks with it!

    Here's more information (see the "Tip" at the bottom): Copy and paste hierarchy 

    For example, if this is my reference sheet, I can even have the parent rows collapsed (or minimized) so it's easy to quickly grab the sections I want and Copy them over to the desired sheet: