Automated Smartsheet Calendar

I am working with a smartsheet form that would be filled out by a person outside of our organization. Is there a way to have the user specify a date in the form and automatically put some of their other responses as details for an event on that date on a calendar. What about with a recurring event? Is there a way to automatically have an event put on the calendar multiple times using the one smartsheet form response?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @nicolec

    There currently isn't a way for a Smartsheet Form to auto-fill fields and show that to the user based on previous submissions. However, you could put formulas in the underlying sheet to bring that data into the row after it's been submitted!

    Here's another Community post that discusses this: Auto Fill some form fields from previous form submission

    Depending on the data you're looking to populate, I would personally have a "reference sheet" that stores specific information per-person or per-event (the consistent data you're looking for), then use an INDEX(MATCH formula to bring in that information based on what was selected in the form. (See: Formula combinations for cross sheet references)

    In regards to recurring events, one Smartsheet Form submission equals one row submission. While there are a few different ways to automate creating new rows (e.g. a copy row workflow to one sheet and then back again), the way to do this will be dependent on your specific use-case and set-up.

    Here are some other Community threads that discuss recurring tasks:

    Based on your Community account, it looks like you're eligible to book Pro Desk sessions! These are 30-minute coaching sessions where you can share your screen and receive feedback/guidance on your set-up. I would recommend booking a session to discuss your Form, as it may be easier to explain over a call. Here's the link to book a session: