Smartsheet to Jira connector not sending Organizations


I have a connector bi-directional workflow setup to send data from Jira to Smartsheet.

All fields successfully transfer from Jira to Smartsheet except Organizations.

No data for the Organizations field is sent to the sheet.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Patrick1234

    The Smartsheet to Jira connector does not officially support Jira Service Desk (or Next Gen, or Portfolio) fields within the Connector yet. This means that some fields may sync, but some may not. The "Organization" field is one that cannot currently be synced into Smartsheet.

    Please submit your feature request to the Product team by creating an Idea Post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic here in the Community. This will allow other users to vote on your enhancement idea!



  • Patrick1234

    For future viewers of this article I solved my problem by a hack.

    On Jira I created a 2nd view only Organizations field that I populate, using a simple Automation, with the data from the Standard Organizations field.

    This second field is a simple free text field that Smartsheet connectors have no problem transferring across.

  • Michael Aguilera

    Hello, has this issue been resolved since 2022? Can we link the Organizations field into the Jira Connector Workflow now?