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I have one problem statement. Please provide your idea/solution in the below example

Problem Statement: We have columns set up to track the dates when version 1 is submitted, version 2 is submitted, version 3 is submitted…. Etc.

We want a column that says “Two Week + Flag” in front of the columns tracking all the versions, so that they can create a report and follow up with their vendors because two weeks have gone by and they have not yet received an update.

We want to track WORK DAYS only and then want the column to read “yes” only when 9 days have gone by and a new version was not recorded.


Version 1 was submitted on 10/25/22 and version 2 was submitted 11/1. There would be NO “yes” in the column. But say version 3 column is empty, the “Two Week + Flag” column should read “YES” on 11/14 until the Version 3 date is filled in (that is less than or equal to 9 days from the previous version).

Now the even bigger challenge. Let’s say it says “YES” and then they follow up and receive the new version… They need that column to NO LONGER say “yes” until the next version exceeds the “yes”

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