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looking to understand exactly what a condition in a workflow is looking for. If I set a condition where the value in a cell, in our case its a sales value, "is greater than or equal to" 20000 is the trigger & condition looking for it exactly as typed or will it recognise $20,000.00?

Through form entry I want it entered by the teams as $20.000.00. I have tried formatting the column in our currency but if entered as 20.000.00 the sheet will not add the $ when form is submitted.


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  • Mike TV
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    @Jason P

    If the sheet isn't adding a $ when you have the column formatted as currency, that means SmartSheet doesn't believe you've entered the correct format for the number to be a currency. Maybe it's something to do with your Regional Preferences and not having your SmartSheet profile set to the correct Regional Preferences for it to recognize periods as commas etc.