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Indent/Outdent Rows not showing on Reports and Dashboards



  • Mike M Consulting

    Agreed...Have had several people ask me this same question. We need to be able to show the parent/child relationships from the source sheet in the report.

  • Debby Davis

    This is a must have for us - we have a workaround but it is VERY cumbersome and gets even worse when trying to use blue prints. Why can this not be done????? Even a 'check box' that could be checked to state 'keep parent/child relationship formatting' would be very helpful.

  • teresampete

    How do we get a Smartsheet team member to reply and answer this basic ask? We spend all this time making a polished look and can only use reports on the dashboards and they look horrible without the indents, hierarchy and don't flow.

  • Harvey E
    Harvey E ✭✭✭

    Indentation would be a great improvement on reports, but at the very least I would like the gannt bar for parent tasks to appear as it does on the original sheet. Workaround is helper columns and conditional formatting but far from ideal

  • dwfender

    @Harvey E - Even that is weird on mind. I made a checkbox column called Header and another subheader that I use for conditional formating.

    On the dashboard tho, the formatting doesn't flow through on the gantt charts report. It does flowthrough on a regular task report I created. Very odd functionality that was baked in here.

  • Jclifton

    Really need the ability to have Parent Child relationships show up in reports. Were trying customize reports so individuals can see just information related to them, understand that Sheets have filters in which you can create, but that requires users to select the correct filter. We are trying to build customized reports for users so when they click on the link they see what they need, however reports lose the parent/child relationship. All the work arounds suggested are clunky and not user friendly. If someone lets me know if this idea is already out there I will gladly vote for this, just was not able to find it.

  • TomJr
    TomJr ✭✭

    Add my vote in to for this ability to turn ON or OFF seeing Parent Child Relationships within a REPORT. I would like to see IF turned on - it would also allow the user of the REPORT or viewing the same report on a Dashboard the ability to use the +/_ to expand or roll up the information dynamically an not just static data view. When can we have this :)

  • Maxine B

    This request is approaching its 8th or 9th ANNIVERSARY - is there any way to provide an update? In 2016 there was a promise that this was being developed