Copy Date from Formula to another Sheet not working



I have one sheet with a Form attached. When users submit their form, I have a formula that will convert their some of their selections into start and end dates.

Sheet 1

I then have a second sheet where all rows are copied from the first sheet that serves as a Calendar view for the created dates. I did this because I believe that I cannot have a formula running on a date column? It has to be straight dates?

Sheet 2

Well, everything is working just fine except the dates that copy from sheet 1 are showing up on sheet 2, but are not formatted as a date. I click the column and it says it's a date, but unless I manually click the date itself my start and end dates will not show on calendar view.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change my formula to make the results specifically say it is a date? Are my dates incorrectly formatted?

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