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Hi all. I've created a couple of security groups in Smartsheet.

Context: 2 documents of which one is the row version (with formulas etc) and the other one is the dynamic view with specific fields we want the team to see.

For document number 1 that I will call 'row document team' grid, I give people only the 'viewer' option. This way they cannot touch the details inside this document but only view it.

Of this 'row document team' I created document number 2 that is the Dynamic View version. We want our team moving forward to use this view and I added the same security groups under 'shared groups'.

My inquiry to you all is: I need to make sure that the team can edit pieces about themselves only by using the dynamic view, not from the 'row document team' grid.

I think I did it accurately, as in the row document the security groups have only view access, instead in the dynamic version I added the fields they can amend if they need to, under 'details panel'.

Would any of you be so kind to let me know, if I have done this properly?

Thank you very much


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @TAW

    Yes! You've done this correctly! That's exactly what I would have done:

    View Only on the sheet (or even perhaps Commenter permissions) means that they cannot edit anything in the sheet directly.

    However, giving them Editor access to the Dynamic View with specific fields means that they can then update content in the Details panel that you've specified.


  • TAW
    TAW ✭✭

    Aww thank you Genevieve!