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Enable Daily and Hourly scheduled Backups

Currently we can setup a scheduled weekly backup. However, due to the amount work being done in our smartsheets on a daily (and sometimes hourly basis), we need more frequent backup options native in the Applications.

I'm requesting

  1. enable hourly and daily as scheduling options in addition to weekly.
  2. a native solution so that this can be done with no-code, within the interface people are already used to using.

(In an ideal world, there would be no need for scheduling or pulling backups. Smartsheet would have the same functionality that Google sheets has. Google Sheets combines autosaves after each granular change with the ability to see a list of all the document's granular and major versions. Then, a person can work through that list to go back to a version, and revert to it if needed.)

fyi @Mindy.cordova89921

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