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Workapps - Provide Notification, Alert, Reminder Indicator

Marc Shecter
Marc Shecter ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Currently, when my users are in Workapps, they can't see, from the Workapp interface, if there notifications for them, and therefore can't respond to the notifications. They must leave the Workapps interface, and go to their standard non-workapp view of the sheet, dashboard, or report to see the bell icon and see and respond to notifications.


While in a Workapp:

  1. Enable users to see that they have notifications from other Sheets/Reports from inside AND outside the workapp. (Potential solution: Add the tool bar on the left side of the workapps and enabling admin of the workapp to show or hide it as needed. See capture for what I'm talking about)
  2. Enable users to view their list of notifications from Sheets/Reports from inside and outside the workapp.
  3. Enable users to stay within the workapp, as they click on various notifications navigating the user to the correct Workapp page (assuming those notifications are within sheets/reports that are published in the workapps.)

Without this notification enhancement within workapps, it will be difficult to keep people within the Workapps. They'll receive a smartsheet notification while in another non-workapp sheet, or from slack, or email, and will be directed to source of the notification outside of the workapp.

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