Emails are not reliably going to my users

I have a sheet that connects to several dynamic views. One one of the dynamic views, the (unlicensed) user enters their network ID. The sheet then grabs information from another sheet to pull in email addresses for the user and their manager. There is automation that is then supposed to send email summaries of the information entered by the user in the dynamic view.

If I "Run Now" the automation runs perfectly for each line (and to the whole sheet, as I found out last week, but that's a separate issue). If it's left to run as triggered by a change on the line (as the automation is set to do), then the emails are generally not going out.

This year's sheets and automations are a copy of last year's because that ran perfectly once I set it up to do what I wanted. This year, it's giving me a headache. Please help!


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator
    edited 12/08/22

    Hi @Heather Ross,

    It sounds like your Workflow isn't triggering as expected only when rows are edited/added through Dynamic View.

    Without looking at how your sheet is updated and the Workflow configuration it is a bit difficult to tell for sure but, it sounds like the Workflow trigger might not fully align with the action taken. For example, if the Workflow is set to notify recipients when changes are made but the affected user is inserting a new row, what you report would align with the expected behavior. Please see Trigger Blocks: Define When Your Workflow is Executed to ensure the trigger is configured as needed.

    If the trigger doesn't seem to be the cause for this behavior, our Support team should be better positioned to troubleshoot this, if you haven't done yet, I would recommend opening a ticket with our Support team via this form or accessing the new Customer Support Portal.

    Please make sure to include the following specific information in your ticket to help them identify the behaviour more effectively:

    • Approximate date (including your timezone) the Workflow was meant to run but didn't
    • Name of the affected sheet the Workflow is based at
    • Captures that illustrate the process by which the affected user(s) update the source sheet via Dynamic View
    • Email address(es) of the affected user(s). This is only for troubleshooting purposes. Support shouldn't aim to communicate with them unless this is needed/requested
    • Captures of the relevant Workflow configuration as well as the Workflow ID (you can obtain this from Automation>Manage Workflows>relevant Workflow ellipsis icon (three dots)> Properties)

    I hope that this can be of help