How can I edit the result of a VLookUp or Join(Collect) Function?

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I'm currently trying to reference cell values from one sheet to another. The values in the so-called "Database Sheet" will always remain the same. The main sheet will need to reference the values in the Database Sheet through the use of a Join(Collect) Function or VLookUp within the main sheet.

Fortunately, I've been successful using the functions to properly output the correct values for each cell, but sometimes I need to edit the cell value. I wanted to know is there any way to edit the cell value besides copying and pasting the value provided by the formula. Appreciate any

help! Thanks!

**My Join(Collect) Formula: =JOIN(COLLECT({DATABASE Range 2}, {DATABASE Range 1}, $[Client ]@row))

**Also, is there anyway that I can have the ranges auto-adjust when I drag the formula across the row in the main sheet. I've been manually changing the Ranges for each cell.


  • Ryan Sides
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    @Ammar Zafar Hi Ammar, as you're aware, you can't have both a formula and manually entered data in the same cell. You could have a second cell where you could add data and have your main cell with the formula check the blank cell for data and display that instead. But this would cause you to double your number of columns. Not ideal.

    **As for auto-adjusting ranges, this isn't possible. I'd suggest using excel to build the text of the Smartsheet formulas then paste those into Smartsheet

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