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Ability to save as new more than 100 files so the interactions remain

Lori Hight
Lori Hight ✭✭✭✭

Currently there is a limitation to save as new and/or copy only 100 files at a time. This means if you have a workspace with more then 100 files that need to interact with each other for the dashboards to remain intact, you can't do it. You would need to copy it in pieces and repick reports, data for widgets, etc.

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  • rD7
    rD7 ✭✭

    I ran into the same issue. I have a folder with ~150 files and I am not able to copy the entire folder. Is there a way for me to copy, say 10 files, at once and paste it to a desired location? At present I can copy paste only a single file! To do this for 150 files feels very stupid! HELP!?

  • Chris Crazy Lab

    Please improve this, SmartSheet does not allow to copy more than 100 items from one workspace/folder to another and if we going to each folder, we have to move one by one item because Actions button is unable to move grouping, thank you

  • Marc Swenson

    The Workspace Copy API call only works with 100 or less objects in the source workspace. If you try to use the function call with greater than 100 objects, the call will fail.

    This limitation was not stated in the API documentation, and I only figured this out after I’d developed a solution around the call.

    100 objects is not very large for an application which is supposed to work at scale. Please consider upping that number to at least 1000, or come up with a solution to large workspace copies with pagination, similar to some of the other API calls.

    Thank you, Marc

  • David_Sidon

    Same issue - I run a banking school(s) simulation that allows for 12 teams to compete - each team has 12 files, including master Smartsheet, reports and dashboard - with admin files, I'm at 130 and dead in the water to copy a "school" - awaiting a fix, please and eventual thank you

    Dave Sidon, BanqueSIM

  • Jeremy Norman

    Smartsheet will not allow the copy/paste as new with workspaces greater than 100 items. When you have intricate automation and links, this process (Copy/Paste as New) is crucial to efficiency. Most companies need databases on a CY or fiscal year basis. Being able to develop workspaces and then copy/paste them as new for the next year is desperately needed.

    This issue has been asked for since 2019, please vote!