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Allow Successors() to show only immediate successors


I like having a "successors" column to complement the "predecessors" column - I use this to trace forward to find tasks that are affected if I make a change. However, the successors() function returns not only immediate successors, but every task that is a child of those successors. While this may be technically a true result, it is a different result than I want - just as "predecessors" contains direct predecessors, I only want to know the direct successors.

Suggestion, then, is to add a parameter to successors() to instruct it to return only direct successors.

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  • EagleScoutPatriot

    @AaronO I'm curious what you mean that the Successors() returns all successors even through children tasks. Can you share an example formula for this? I'm actually wanting a solution that would be satisfied with your suggestion. I want to produce a list of all successors so I can simulate the Driving Path but in a filter. More ideal would be a formula for all predecessors through all parents.

    Anyway, can you show how the Successors() formula can show both direct (immediate) and indirect successors?