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Option to select Authentication Method by User

Gabi ✭✭✭

We would like to restrict the authentication method for our internal users to "Microsoft Azure AD" and keep the option "Email and Password" for our external users.

Unfortunately that is not possible. Would be great to choose the options individual for each user.

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  • Erik Hartman

    Because we allow external users to access some of our sheets we had to enable both the "Email + Password" and "SAML" on the Authentication configuration page.

    The outcome is that staff have the ability to bypass the SAML log in and use credentials stored in SmartSheet. This is a problem, per company policy, all systems that may hold sensitive or PII data must use the company's SAML credentials.

    We use may other products and one way to prevent someone by bypassing SAML is by having the ability to control the type of authentication a user can use at the user account level. Can you update SmartSheet with this same ability?

    Without this feature we have a major security gap.

  • wei2024
    wei2024 ✭✭

    I second Erik's comment.

    There's an option the for Sys Admin to fallback to "Email + Password" so it would be great if that capability could be extended for other users. For instance, in my case, Invited Users who are not part of my corporate domain could default to use "Email + Password" since they are usually not on "SAML".

  • Lyn Pringle
    Lyn Pringle ✭✭✭

    This functionality is vital to my business as well. It would be ideal to be able to configure sign in options by user.

  • Kelly Rogers

    Agree with all the posts. This is definately a secuity gap for larger corporations who use SmartSheet. Hope this enhancment makes it to production!