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I use a workspace for all project related documents, reports and dashboards. I share some (not all) files with my customers. I know I can share individual documents with a particular list of people. My question is specific to dashboards. When I share the dashboard, it seems that this can only be done by sharing the entire workspace, for which I do not want to do. There are forms and file links on the dashboard I wish for my customers to access and use. I understand that they must also have access to the underlying documents where the information comes from.

Am I doing something wrong when I try to share the dashboard as I do not want to give access to the entire workspace? Should I consider publishing the dashboard instead? If I publish, will user still have ability to use form and links?

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    When you share the Dashboard, you'd see two options at the bottom, Share Workspace or Share Dashboard, and if you select the latter, you will only share the Dashboard.

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