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ODBC connector doesn't expose Sheet Summary data


In testing with Tableau, we found that the ODBC connector doesn't expose data from the Sheet Summary reports. That really reduces the usefulness of the Summary for enterprise integration.

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  • Nathan Panuco

    Ack! Thanks for posting this! I was starting to create a somewhat complex solution and was exploring the use of Sheet Summary fields and now I'll have to reconsider my plan.

    I was hoping to use Sheet Summary fields to track the same sets of data between many (10+) sheets with vary different purposes.

    Spit-balling ideas..... I'll have to either make an entire column in the sheet report this data (and I'll lose some planned functionality) or I'll have to use some kind of an aggregate sheet that references each sheet's summary fields and then use the ODBC connector on that sheet. It would be a lot easier if the connector could do it natively.