Drop down options requiring additional data

I am building a root cause analysis database. My client area wants to be able to track the estimated financial impacts from a defect for which a root cause analysis is performed. The specific categories of financial impact are: $ parts, $ labor, $ misc, $ rental/loaner, $ opportunity. I created a drop down list for these categories but what I want is to "force" the client to populate an amount for each category. In one instance, the financial impacts maybe $50 parts, $100 labor, $0 misc, $200 rental/loaner, $0 opportunity. Another instance may be different. I then want the costs from the different categories of financial impacts to roll up onto a dashboard see we can see total costs. I am at a loss on how to do this. Please help!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    You listed 5 categories of financial impact. When the client reports this data, do you require all 5 to be provided every time?

    If yes, instead of a drop-down why don't you create a column for each of those categories and a form the client uses to enter a new row on the sheet? You can make the form require each of those 5 categories (columns) to be entered.

    If no, is there another way we can determine which of the 5 categories you require based on other criteria they enter? Then we could again use a form but with Form Logic to require the client enter different categories based on the criteria which determines which of the categories of financial impact you require entered.