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Workflows: Export Functionality


Currently, no way to export out or download workflows. As result, I had to create a workflow log by department and action. This allows my team to see the entire work flows and filter as needed. Being able to export out would be super helpful. Ty!!!

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  • Mike E
    Mike E ✭✭✭


    In addition, this would allow for easier searching of workflows for certain recipients, conditions, triggers, etc.

    It would need to include the name of the Sheet the Workflow belongs to as well, so one can easily get to it to maintain a particular Workflow as well.

    I have more than 60 workflows set up for various tasks across several sheets and when someone joins/leaves the company, I need to go and find all the relevant workflows and update them. Without a way to see/search them all at once, that can be a rather time consuming process.

    And documenting all them manually is a duplication of effort every time a Workflow is added/modified.

  • I have over 130 automated workflows on a sheet and I'd like to download/export those so I can review them in case edits are needed and provide a copy for my team that primarily works from dynamic views to be able to reference what automation alerts get sent out.

  • DDAVIS919

    I have several smartsheets that have complicated workflows. It would be beneficial if the user can have the option to print a workflow, or even zoom out to see all of the workflow being done.

  • Robert C

    Just adding that this is really needed for our teams so we can create documentation and training around workflows.

  • crbrooks

    Adding that this would be a really great feature and would be very useful to my team. We would like to set up workflows that would allow automatic printing of documents based on how many days something is past due. Unfortunately, it will remain manual until a feature to download or export generated documents is available.