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Focus mode in Gantt chart (for roadmaps)

Similar to the critical path button, is there a possiblility to hide all rows that are NOT connected (pre and post dependency) to a specific row?

example: Assuming I have 10 rows in a sheet. row A has to finish before B can start. B needs to be finished befor C&D can start. Is there a function to select row B and with one click showing the input and output rows that are connected (in this case rows A, B, C &D. Of course simple filter can be used but this has to be done over and over again. Background: when discussing a roadmap, it is very nice to understand if a entry in one stream is connected to how many ohter topics in other streams (or even to see that is not connected at all!)

Here is the response from the smartsheet support team:

Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support. I understand that you would like to know a process aside from using filters to be able to click a row and it only shows the dependent/ connected rows and hides the unrelated. I’d be happy to advise you on this.

There currently isn't a way to click a row and shows only the related rows into it without using filters in Smartsheet. 

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