Copy a Formula to Multiple Rows, but Keep One Column Ref in the Formula the Same?

edited 01/13/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hey all!

I understand that when you copy a formula with criteria in certain columns to adjacent columns, it changes the column references to keep the relationship between columns the same (ie, column 10 has a formula that references col 1 & col 3, and copying the formula from col 10 to col 11 would result in the col 11 formula referencing col 2 & col 4)

Is there a way to keep a column reference as a hard reference no matter where it's place?

ie - Column 10 =Col1@row + Col3@row, Column 11 =Col2@row + Col3@row...where Col3@row reference never changes

Is there a symbol that can be put in front of it to always keep it there?



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