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Fix PDF print function with Latin Extended letters

After a helpless few months of knocking on Smartsheet support doors, our company finally got the answer, to why our texts randomly change from set conditions in PDF forms (font, font size, font weight), to a different text.

As it seems, if the text in a cell has any Latin Extended letters (ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų....), it will change to some weird default Text font and size in PDF which totally doesn't match the rest of the document. Our company works mostly in Center/East European countries, where Latin Extended letters appear in pretty much every 2nd word.

Smartsheet support told me this is a "design", and they will not fix anything without upvotes and community support. We've been waiting for the PDF print function for more than a year, and now we have only half of the product.

Please upvote and help this problem fixed.

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