Broken Workflows in Project Toolkit - Expected Behavior?

KT_H ✭✭✭
edited 01/17/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I am working on editing a project toolkit (similar to Smartsheet's PMO template set) and several workflows are set to "send to specific people". When my colleague tries to save the entire toolkit folder as new all of the workflows that are set to send to specific people break. The workflows are still there, but there are no longer any people chosen to send the workflow to.

I have struggled to find a relevant article or community question that indicates whether or not this is an expected behavior. If someone can confirm if that is expected behavior I can engineer around it, just want to confirm before putting in the effort.

I am hoping it is a straightforward explanation but have attached an example of the workflow in the template toolkit and one in the toolkit that was saved as new (names have been blurred for privacy)

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