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Expand column width



Refer to below image, there are few collapsed columns - I'm not able to open them by draging the edge of the column, any tips how to expand them? thanks.




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams Top Contributor

    You must be a licensed Admin on the sheet to do this.




    If you are, then your mouse cursor should change to two arrows pointing away from two lines (my screen capture tool is not working for this right now, odd)

    Once you see those, just slide the columm width to the right.

    Or use the Column Menu and Unhide All Columns.


    I hope this helps





  • So this means that if somehow my columns are narrowed (just happened to me), I have to reach out to our corp admin to widen the column? Shouldn't the sheet owner be able to do it?

  • My default columns (attachment, comment, i) are currently too narrow to even see the respective icon in the rows. I cannot seem to get the widening option to appear when hovering over or clicking the column dividers.

    How can I widen these columns??

    I am an admin and this is for my own personal sheet.


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