Does @Mention reply all when multiple people are added?

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Does @Mention reply all when multiple people are added? example a comment is sent to 3 people using @Mention, if one of the people reply do all of them see the reply, without the reply including the other 2 using @Mention ?


  • Hi @Dale Heincelman,

    No, the response would not notify the other @mentioned users from the original comment, unless they were tagged again in the response.

    That said, the comment would be added to that row, which means it would then be viewable by the other collaborators.

  • Why is this? Seems odd? If I post a question, why wouldn't I want to know if someone or multiple people responded? Seems counter intuitive that they would need to @mention me.

  • Hi @RedLin Murphy

    The comment will be visible to you whether or not they use the @mention feature, however you'll only receive a notification or email if you have been @mentioned as it's a direct message to you.

    If you want to ensure you are receiving notifications for all messages, you can set up a workflow in the sheet based on when a Comment is Added, see here:

    I hope this helps! 🙂



  • Hi @Dale Heincelman & @RedLin Murphy

    We recently updated the Conversations feature in Smartsheet to allow you to subscribe to a thread, so you don't need to be directly @mentioned in the comment to receive an emailed alert. See our Release Notes page for more information!



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