Field Logic in Dynamic View

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Hello Community!

Is it possible to use the Field Logic in a Dynamic View to hide a row from the view display once certain conditions are met.

Example: Once the job status changes to complete, the row hides from the view.



  • Hi Silvia,

    Yes! You can use the Restrict View by Sheet Filter option from the very first page when editing your View, at the bottom of the General tab.

    You would need to first set up the filter in the source sheet to show everything except when the Job Status is "Complete". Then once the filter is in your sheet, you can use this as a filter on your View.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



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    thanks @Genevieve P ... Question; if l setup a filter in the source sheet to show everything but the complete status, this status will not show in the sheet, correct??


    I just tested it and unless the settings are selected to Restrict View by Sheet Filter, the Dynamic View still shows the sheet as unfiltered.

    Thanks Genevieve!

  • Hi @Silvia Rangel

    Sounds like you sorted it out! Glad you got it working 🙂

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