Project/Sheet Name in subject of Alerts/Request/Reminder

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Hi everyone,

I have a team managing several projects (80+) at a time. I have setup alerts, reminders etc for each project.

So the same people will get alerts for different projects.

How do I incorporate the project name (which is the sheet name) in the subject of those alerts so it is easy for the team member to know for which project he/she is receiving the mail?

Manually setting it up for each project is not possible.

Thank you.


  • Hi Abhiraj,

    If you have not set a customized subject line, the subject for an alert that is immediately triggered when a change is made will be "Changes to Sheet Name." The sheet name will also be included in the body of the alert, at the top of the email with a link to the sheet that it is referencing.

    If you have set up a customized subject line, you will need to include the sheet name manually to each alert/workflow.

    Should this be different than what you're experiencing, it would be helpful to see an example screen capture of the types of workflows you have set up, along with a capture of your sheet (but block out any sensitive data).



  • Thank Genevieve.

    I added a helper column with client name and used {{ }} to include it. It has solved my issue.

  • Glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know about your solution 🙂

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