I need help with our messaging strategy for a team 20 plus people. Slack? Google Chat?


I just watched a great webinar called "Make remote work more productive with smartsheet" Very informative. I was happy that we are already doing a lot of these strategies. However, I was hoping to find a little more insight on how and why we might, or should be using messaging apps.

We currently use gsuite. We do not incorporate slack or google chat into smartsheet. We do use gmail, and this is the predominant tool for internal communication, alerts and notifications. I know that a messaging app will improve our collaboration, and I want to move in that direction. I am currently comparing Slack vs Google Chat. I have 2 questions;

First, Can you share with me any distinct advantage one has over the other with regard to a smartsheet integration?

Second, can we use the @mention feature in smartsheet and have it push to a notification in a messaging app?

Thanks, Jef

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    Thank you Geneveive, yes this is helpful, thank you! Jef

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    I have a clarifying question. I cannot have an alert automatically send to google chat. I jhave gone through the set up. I have enabled google chat in the admin console, and I have the SS bot added to google chat. Can you help with this? It would be so helpful if smartsheet could communicate with google chat! Thanks Jef

  • Hi @Jef Forward

    When you say you "cannot" have an alert send to google chat, do you mean you receive an error message? Or is there a specific step you're stuck on? (Screen captures would be really helpful, but please block out any sensitive data!)

    You may find Sean's first post on this other Community thread helpful (here). Please also double check that in your Personal Notification preferences within Smartsheet you have the checkboxes checked below "Messaging Apps".



  • Hi Genevieve, thanks for the reply and the shared information. When I say "cannot", I meant that chat was not presented as an option, similar to Slack or Teams. Considering this is a totally different set up, would smartsheet consider posting an article with specific instructions on how to get this to work. This is surprisingly difficult, and I am a glass is half full type of guy! I will continue to test....Thanks Jef

  • Hi @Jef Forward

    Thank you for clarifying; I've passed your feedback along to our Help Center team so they know that the instructions weren't clear from our documentation.

    You are correct - the Google chat bot requires an email address as the person to send the alert to since it's a direct message, which is a different process from selecting a Slack Channel directly from the workflow.

    If you're continuing to have issues, you may want to contact Smartsheet Support directly so they can work with you on this one-on-one.



  • Hi @Jef Forward

    Just a quick note to let you know that the Help Center article has been updated to explain that for Hangouts chat you will select the Contact in the Action Block instead of searching for Hangouts directly in the workflow. See here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476771-take-action-alerts-hangouts-chat

    Thank you for your help identifying where our articles could provide more clarity!


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